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5:00 p.m. eastern time for "the five." a new "red eye" returns with ambassador john bolton. >> what? back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> will, is it true you have a new hbo show? >> i do. i am excited about it.
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it is called "boys." it is about three, 20-something guys in brooklyn and their roommate web, the boys. >> i was legitimately excited for you. that's what i get. lori, where can people see you next? >> 1:00 tomorrow on fox business network. i had to think about it. markets hit another record today. >> don't care. >> thanks to you. >> i will take credit where credit is due. >> gavin, how is your ear? >> much better. i apologize. everyone come to the card -- no, best selling food, and if you want to learn more just -- >> we were supposed to go to test pattern. >> and stay there.
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>> in our little carol prison. >> bill schulz, will ron and gavin mcguinea -- gavin mcguinness. that does it for me. same time tomorrow. the factor right now. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. >> tonight. >> no one in law enforcement in colorado. >> no one? >> editorial director of the denver posted talking about jessica's law but what he said is flat out false. what happens when the press colludes with the party. >> all i can say they are smears that begin during my election process. >> bill: more trouble for robert menendez. a grand jury to investigate him on corruption charges. geraldo has the latest.
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>> president obama is built a great time, a smart team. >> bill: bill gates still enamored with president obama. he wants to give him more power. does lou dobbs agree? >> caution you are about to enter the no-spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. what happens to democracy when the press actively supports a political party? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it's widely believed that the national media in america is in the tank for president obama. they generally support his policies and when highway he does something wrong, media don't make a big deal out of it it helps mr. obama and great example is national debt. most economists agree that a
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nation owing $17 trillion is in trouble but the president and democratic party do not believe that. >> the debt not endangering us a bit, not at all. our economists say we're in debt, but it's not endangering anything. as a matter of fact there are economists is a that say some debt is not a bad idea at all. >> bill: some debt, some debt congressman conyers? if you don't think owing $17 trillion is a problem you need to retire. how many times have you heard the national press speak passionately about the debt, that means many americans don't have a include kloo about the issue. this is what happens when the press acts in concert with a political party. wanted another example. let's go out to colorado. there the democratic party will not put jessica's law up for vote.
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even though 44 other states have passed harsh mandatory penalties for child rapists but the press in colorado is covering for the democrats. >> no one in law enforcement in colorado. >> no one? >> supported it 2007, 2009 or this year. it's only brought up when republicans are in minority not when they have the majority. it's ben used against democrats as a wedge issue. >> bill: but you don't know whether you support it or not. believe me, i'll get law enforcement from colorado and i'll make you look foolish on that statement. >> bill: i will fulfill that promise. fined go fathers gave the press special privileges to challenge the political powers to be skeptical about the powerful and to report accurately on them to we the people. now we have some media in bed with politicians and that affects every american. to pretend that $17 trillion
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national debt is not a danger is irresponsible. to say that jessica's law is motd necessary puts children in danger. if the media is doing both of those things, very troubling. that is memo. now to the top story, let's go back out to colorado. joining us is mike macintosh from the sheriff's office and terry mateta the sheriff of el paso, county. do you think why needs jessica's law? >> absolutely, i do believe it needs that law. >> bill: why is the editorial director of the denver post and speaker of the house in denver, colorado saying that no law enforcement supports jessica's law? >> it's my opinion that they are surveying a very narrow group that happens to be around very tight denver circle and not reaching out. i spoke to two sheriffs this
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morning that feel it would be a good thing for colorado and it bring more clarity to existing laws. there is three of us that i know that would be in support of it. >> bill: here is four, chief macintosh that works north of denver, do you support jessica's law? >> yes, sir, i do. >> bill: are you insulted that the editorial director of denver posted says that you and the sheriff and every other law enforcement doesn't support it? that seems to be a pretty disturbing statement when both of you could have picked up the phone. did you get a call from the denver post asking whether you support jessica's law? >> i certainly didn't get a call. i don't remember ever being asked if we supported it because i didn't tell you my position would be yes. >> bill: to pull this out of hat so they can prop of the democratic party. chief, why do you support
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jessica's law in colorado. all we hear from the democratic politicians and political machine out there is colorado has tough enough laws against child predators? >> for me, it's all about the safety for our children in our communities. we need to ensure there are laws out there that protect our kids, our greatest assets. any time that somebody comes out and makes a statement for law enforcement and hasn't contacted law enforcement, then i like the sheriff take offense to that. >> bill: you have to run for office that encompasses colorado springs. what is the climate in the state? when i worked out there from 1978 to 1980, colorado was a fairly traditional -- i wouldn't say it's conservative state. you would never have legalize marijuana or jessica's law would have passed like that.
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what happened? >> it seems like there is real movement to not hold criminals accountable for their action and it's bean driven in a more liberal approach and even a few years ago under governor rirtter we released hundreds and hundreds of what they termed as nonviolent offenders, often shortening sentences and putting them back on the streets. think law enforcement is dealing with the repercussions of that. there is reluctance to hold those offenders accountable and put the rights of law abiding citizens ahead of criminals. >> is there a polarization, you have the boulder-denver axis but the rest of the state doesn't seem to be that liberal but it's overwhelmed because that is population center in denver-boulder. is that what is going on? >> i really can't speak to that, bill. i just know up in the northern
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area and metro area, working with the law enforcement officers there that our main concern is the safety of the communities in which we enforce the laws. to me it's taken the politics out of it and it really is assuring that we are protecting the rights of others. >> bill: so both of you agree it would be easy to put the child predators, 25 to life first conviction, that would help you guys in protecting the kids of colorado, am i correct? >> absolutely. i agree it would. i think it needs a floor for minimum sentence and too often we let people out of prison or after serving half of the sentence. >> bill: last word chief? >> i was going to add, when you look at the states that already have it. you noted at the top of your story there are 44 other states, the states that have it, you've
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seen the recividism rate. >> bill: the states that don't have it. it's a lot easier to get away with raping a child in those states. no question about it. we appreciate it. we'll talk about what should happen to media who are corrupt. are there any checks and balances on these people? and more trouble for senator robert menendez. geraldo is the latest and the factor is coming right back.
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>>. >> bill: lead story, america being damaged because some of the press are colluding with political parties. jo is tv columnist and from indianapolis, jeffrey, professor at depaul university. many of the national media in general are covering for president obama.
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do you believe that first up? >> in many ways, yes. let me say this. i don't think it's a spor yal fashion. i think it is more nuance than that. journalists of products in the culture they work and reports that lien left and reporters have i'd lodge yal bents a well. so it's not surprising to me they would be sympathetic from the white house about the debt issue. >> bill: i don't think they all meet at key west and this is how we decide we're going to help with president obama. this is more disturbing. on march 6th an email was sent out that smeared me as homophobic and anti-gay because we confronted the speaker of the house who is gay.
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and i described him as being openly gay. that is who he is. we said this is his priority, getting civil unions, legalizing marijuana. four days later denver post uses the exact same language as that democratic fund-raiser in an editorial column as a homophope. that i think is collusion? >> it would be hard for me to comment or not whether it is or not mocratic party may want to ix pliot this issue for their own benefit and particularly they would ee an east coast media fox news wanting to come in and meddle in internal affairs. denver post could say, hey, we support this narrative and we're going to get on board with that. >> bill: now, you joe work at primarily lift wing writers? >> no. >> but primarily.
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it doesn't report to be objective. so, yes, it's stacked up but you also follow the national news. you watch everybody? >> sure. >> bill: i'm saying now that the objective reporting is breaking down and opinions and actually aligning with political parties that is what is happening now. do you see that? >> you bring up msnbc and that is good point. i'll give a macro example because i can't speak to the denver post and democratic party. it's speculative. there is lot of evidence but it would be speculative. >> bill: and msnbc's case, in december, four prime time hosts were invited to go the white house. that is not out of the ordinary but that visit was not on the president's schedule. those hosts did not promote this in any way. if you were going to white house bill, would you say, hey.
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>> report back to the folks, absolutely. >> so nothing was said. afterwards, nothing was talked about as far as what went on in that meeting. huffington post afterwards said president obama met with rachel maddow as part of his campaign to sell the public to extend the bush tax cuts. four words stick out. campaign, and sell the public. when i hear that, i don't hear journalism, i hear infomercial. >> bill: professor, that is fact that he put out. that shows there is powerful national media advancing the cause of one political party. i think the founding fathers would be zun that had that is happening? >> i think the founding fathers would be disappointed because they wanted an i7bd press to be a watchdog. it has happened when the white house has invited reporters to visit and talk and they call
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them sympathetic reporters. so i don't think that is unusual but there is a blurring of that objectivity line. we don't see that standard in journalism because a lot of journalists are into advocacy and they are perfectly fine for that. >> bill: if you are commentator, you are allowed if your entire news organization you are not. it's could a lot lewd go with the democratic party in colorado and most powerful paper in the state. you see what happens. good legislation is getting knocked down. folks aren't getting to vote on it. >> bill: thank you. geraldo on senator menendez. and some atheists wanting the word god to take off the american currency and biggest pinheads of the week. those reports after these messages.
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. >> bill: in the geraldo segment, senator robert menendez under investigation helping with bogus contracts. a grand jury is investigating him and with us, geraldo. i think this serious for menendez. >> what i think senator menendez should send a thank you note to tucker carlson for making the allegations that the senator and his friend the allegedly corrupt eye doctor hired hookers, some of them under age in the dominican republic. the investigators or menendez staff, democratic operatives went to the dominican republic. they came up with the women. they denied they ever slept with menendez and more importantly they were paid to lie about menendez.
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so you have people accusing them corruption being caught if a lie. >> bill: to separate tracks. i don't really care at this point about the hooker situation. the democratic administration, you have a very liberal attorney general. this is powerful democratic senator. this is federal wrap, a federal beef. they take night miami which is an overburdened place. they have a lot of cases down there. the grand jury convenes to look at menendez and steering of contracts to this eye doctor in the dominican republic, an eye doctor doing security work in the dominican republic with the help of the u.s. senator. >> draw the connection. reason this hooker thing is important if that charge is, indeed, false as it appears false, it makes menendez that he is being falsely accused.
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>> bill: i think they have already heard it, but the fact. there is grand jury, whether or not the senator from new jersey, the democrat from new jersey is in trouble. the troubling start with the eye doctor being charged or accused or overbilling medicaid. they are looking at eye doctor. now you have bogus prostitution charges. now you have the wrap where he is flying back and forth on the guy's private plane to the dominican republic. why did he take the private plane? was it in fact to get menendez to give him favored status, favored treatment in terms of this federal contract? now comes the real trouble. now comes the cancer on the senate yal tenure of bob menendez. dominican republic is getting federal aid for container security port. they are getting a gift and
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menendez, says don't gift it to them. there is a private company that is going to provide that. its contract $500 million. it's a major deal. why is that significant? it is significant because the same eye doctor gave a super pac support lots of money, $700,000 of which almost $600,000 went to the menendez campaign. >> bill: here is my prediction, menendez gets indicted. >> is it pay for play? you think he pleads guilty. >> bill: no. i don't think the federal prosecutors and f.b.i. take it into the grand jury. >> the grand jury is already convened. >> bill: but they don't have to take this case to it. >> i think the corruption case is before the grand jury.
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>> bill: so do i. my prediction is he gets indicted. prediction. >> no. >> bill: a bet. >> menendez is in trouble with the senate ethics committee. >> bill: that is another dinner i'm going chalk up. >> it's very difficult to prove. i'm just telling you. i'm a lawyer. >> bill: he is going to indicted and you are going to have to pony up. wisconsin, what is this white privilege thing? >> do you think white people are privileged on earth or in the united states of america? >> bill: generally speaking to some families, yes, but not generally speaking. >> generally speaking there is something, there is -- if you see a white person walking down the street, you react differently if it is a black person. there is a different response. there is white privilege.
1:28 am
white people have a slight upper hand in society. it's not as big a deal in the bad old days but it depends. >> bill: it depends on where you are from. >> reduce it down to the department of public construction in the state of wisconsin, they wanted volunteers teaching in the public schools to know they have privilege so they wanted them to wear a white wist band, basically i'm a honkie which is stupid like a white guy. >> bill: it's stupid. i can't believe it. you actually making sense. >> its stupid idea. >> bill: can you believe it. he is making sense tonight. >> how i love you, how i love you. >> it's supposed to be a st. patrick's day gift to me. you think the white privilege
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wristband is stupid. good, don't say anymore. plenty more as factor moves ahead. bill gates mighty infatuated with president obama. lou lou dobbs will weigh in on that. unbelievable story out of massachusetts concerning the bible. apparently a high school using gay characters to portray biblical
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>>. >> bill: one of wealthiest men
1:33 am
in the world is bill gates the founder microsoft. he is huge supporter of barack obama wawtsd to give the president more power. >> how do you feel president obama is doing? >> some days i wish we had a system like the u.k. where the party in power could do a lot and then you would see how it went and then, fine, you -- i wish there was slightly more power in the presidency to avoid some of these deadlocks. >> bill: and lou dobbs. you want to give the president more power? >> not a bit. i think he has more than a fair share right now. i love listening to gates say he needs, he would like to give him more power. then gates claims he is not really going to be partisan on this, otherwise i don't know why he would give him more power. he likes the parliamentary
1:34 am
system better but talking about a man who is massive contradictions. he acknowledges that our system is far better system than the united kingdom. >> bill: let me play devil's advocate. i think he is saying frustrating for americans that look at this crazy debate over the budget. they can't get anywhere. they never get anything done. president with a tie-breaker or more authority. we could advance things down the road. isn't that what he saying? >> it is. the other part is democrats want to raise taxes big time. recenta trillion and a half over the next decade. gates may be enthusiastic about that but that would tank the economy, period. >> bill: here is my problem with gates. i was defending him but i don't think if he would say if george
1:35 am
w. bush. you know president bush needs more power. at this think he is liberal partisan. i don't know him. i think that is where he coming from. share the wealth and income redistribution? >> there is no better example of ee leetsd in this country, gates equals microsoft, $61 billion net worth on the part of bill gates. >> bill: he gives a lot of money away. he is not a hypocrite like al gore? >> not even close but we should discuss what he is doing. these powerful companies hold the gate way to the digital world. microsoft, facebook, google these are huge companies, big power and then to align it with statist president like barack obama that would have a crushing influence on our society. >> bill: in the g.o.p. budget put forth by congressman ryan
1:36 am
there was at call for a repeal of obamacare. now, i said earlier this week that was dumb. you don't put that in there because no one pays any attention to anything else. that is never going to happen. so we're into the land of oz. am i wrong? >> it would be awkward for me to suggest you are wrong. [ laughter ] >> i certainly watch the most important points. >> bill: which is the talking points memo. >> the fact is 46 trillion dollars in new spending over the next decade if we go along with the democratic trajectory. under the ryan plan we're talking $41 trillion. >> bill: you are dodging my question. >> i'm getting there. i know your patience level. >> bill: i'm seven years old, hurry up? >> $2 trillion depends on the repeal of obamacare. i agree with you.
1:37 am
it is.... >> bill: not going to happen. >> i congratulated congressman ryan on the budget. >> bill: why did he put the other stuff in there to wipe out the good stuff? >> i said for some time this is republican party close to be a johnny one note party. they can't talk about anything but repealing obamacare. look they are all smart. >> bill: no, they are not smart. >> leadership of the house, most of them are smart. >> bill: harry reid is not smart. >> i was wrong about that. you have to understand, these two parties are not thinking right now. >> bill: was it a mistake for ryan to put that in there? >> absolutely. we're talking about a dumb idea when his plan while he has put forward a great number and should have the ways to do it.
1:38 am
>> bill: the reason it is dumb while the president has the veto pen he is not going to repeal obamacare no matter what they want. it's not going to happen. >> democratic plan would put it into debtor nation status. >> bill: they are in sweden. when we come right back, what the heck happened? on gay biblical characters, taking god off the currency and pinheads of the week. the boys moments away. ((( ( n
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>>. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly in what the heck just happened, god gay bible characters and pinheads. and greg gutfeld and behard in mcbeginning. there is move by the atheistic community to take the words in god we trust off the currency. >> i have a 20 dollar bill. >> bill: what does it say on here. >> i have 'to put on my little
1:43 am
glasses. >> bill: where does it say in god we trust. >> it's in back! >> that is white house. there it is. >> bill: okay. now do you object to that? >> i think it's too judgmental we need something like don't spend it all in one place. that would be nice. or 40% goes to obama. >> bill: i like the political slogan because it might change. i just think if you take in god we trust off the currency, we should hi, and happy face. no one would be offended but the rational behind this is in god we trust is number one offensive to atheists, because they don't trust in god and its exclusion ear because there are some people that believe in many gods.
1:44 am
all the zeus people are offended by that. >> it's total stupidity. it's less than a religious thing but a cultural thing. cultural elders have saw the need to convey the idea there is higher power because most people are stupid, selfish s.o.b.s to have that notion there is somebody up there looking at you and watching. >> bill: don't spend your money on narcotics. that might stop them. >> and religious prayer and still free, but we'll start from the premise there is something up there. >> bill: i am a simple man. you concur, we're all in agreement. >> absolutely. >> bill: if you don't like in god we trust, don't take the money. don't take it. trade. barter. >> bill: whatever. in massachusetts we have a situation where there is a high school in south hadley.
1:45 am
have you been there? >> yes. >> bill: that is where a lot of liberal universities. they are going to put out a biblg cal play which is good, right. bible get good ratings. >> bringing religion back to the schools. >> bill: not exactly. they are all being portrayed as gay. >> and gay friendly to begin with. >> bill: there was a scene in mel brooks movie, keep it gay but very funny but not making judgments. are you offended by a high school play all the characters are gay. >> nobody is for censorship, they don't let nativity scenes during christmas but all of a sudden now, they are going to put a religious theme. we're not for censorship. if they are using public money to push an agenda on kids. >> bill: here is my question gut
1:46 am
fe8d. if you are going to have a gay adam and eve, how do you pro create. you can't multiply. >> it's event to upset people they want to upset to turn you in uptight conservative. my response is who cares, grow up. do the koran you wimpts then we'll talk. >> bill: you want the officials to mock the quoran. >> they won't. it a fundamental hypocrisy that christians are nice people that won't react. >> bill: there is a jewish component to the bible, as well. they are taking the judeo-christian tradition and they want tolerance, right?
1:47 am
>> do nianetics, a gay dianetics. >> the city of sodom gets repush irked and bath houses are all scrubbed out. so good. sodom and apostles look like dead people. >> how can you not like dianetics? terrible. >> bill: did you see the last supper. >> match co-man. >> dancing a o water. [ laughter ] >> bill: and brand-new feature the biggest pinheads of the week. right back...
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>>. >> bill: segment, biggest pinheads of the week. once again gutfeld and mcguirk. we're going to take a pinhead every week and you start with, dennis rodman. >> who was your favorite? >> favorite is paul, john paul. i think he was cool as hell. he looked like a pimp. he looked like a pimp and he is speaking like 50,000 languages and.... >> bill: i have no idea what that was about. do you know what he was saying? >> he called the most favorite popes a pimp. >> bill: then he talked 20,000
1:52 am
languages. >> everybody, his i.q. matches his rebound average. no genius dennis rodman and it comes out we're building missile shields in california. >> bill: isn't rodman to make a pinhead. >> she pretty harmless. i'm not advocating swiss guards take him to st. peter's square, of course not. he is harmless dummy but to say that about abraham lincoln. >> bill: if he could get publicity your pinhead of the week? >> the mayor of new york, bloomberg. >> bill: we have some tape. roll it. >> for the first time in the history of the world more people will die from overeating than under eating this year. it is incumbent on government to tell people what
1:53 am
they are doing to themselves and let people make their own decisions. our job is to educate people as long as you don't bend cheese-its. >> bill: what i don't get from the mayor, we want to tell people but banning the big soft drinks and everything else more than telling people. >> when you say you are starting national conversation that means you lost. they overthrew the soda ban, at least we got the conversation started. shut up with your conversation. i am tired of national conversations. where do you get this that more people are dying. from the bloomberg institute of pulling things out of my butt. it's actually insulting to people that deal with hunger issues. >> bill: i don't know that is so farfetched. 69% of the american public are
1:54 am
overweight? >> they aren't dead. we have the highest life spans in the world. they are factoring heart disease and cancer and not factoring in starvation. >> bill: do we really want to live more than 80 years. do you really wanted, big soda, around 81 you can still have it. >> about 90 or 95. >> you look 80. [ laughter ] >> they have great pharmaceuticals that make things more interesting. >> bill: i think i know what you are talking about but i don't want to know nimg. my pinhead is from the denver post. moore doesn't have any control of the editorial page which we destroyed this week. you guys have been following that story. they are against jessica's law because they are in bed with the democratic party out there. they used the editorial columnist use the same words as
1:55 am
the fund-raiser for the democratic party, very similar. but this guy moore he should no better. former editor of the boston globe and he has turned the denver post into a house organ for the democratic party and who is suffering? the kids in colorado because they can't get jessica's law. not only do they lie about it they being the politicians and columnists at denver posted and maybe we'll see it wasn't a lie but they were mistaken. it's just opposite. so, the guy's name is gregory moore. my pinhead of the week. do you concur? >> absolutely disgraceful protect the most defenseless. >> bill: just report honestly. if you are against it. say why you are against jessica's law but don't get in
1:56 am
bed with the democratic party and pretty much tow their line whatever they do. >> natural out growth of the campus. there is going to be more pro criminals than pro victims. >> bill: it's a beautiful place to live and not for the better. there they are. factor tip for the day how to celebrate st. patrick's day in a way that mcguirk that will not. we don't want his way nor my way. the tip is next.
1:57 am
>> factor tip of the day. outrage growing in the midwest. the jessica's law sickens me, i love the state and lived here my whole life, but becoming resentment because of the crazy politics, i'm canceling my subscription to
1:58 am
the denver post. coloradans wake up and fight back. and villa hills, kentucky, if colorado and hawaii don't pass jessica's law you should call for a tourism boycott, bill. too many innocent people get hurt if i did that, william. the message is getting out and there are many fine vacation destinations in the usa. there's a lot of competition in that area. karen harris, maui, aloha, bill, we need your muscles here, the legislation cares more about pets than children. from california, i'm taking my kiki, to the caribbean. hawaiian for children. ron i should say zimmerman from lakewood, colorado, we now have pot shops close to schools and in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants, but can't pass jessica's law.
1:59 am
that what happens when the state is taken over by secular progressives. they're skiing and hiking and meantime that's going on. i lived in colorado the late '70s and it was traditional place full of common sense folks, things have changed. colorado springs, as treasurer of el paso county please keep slamming the colorado legislature, bill, i've been fighting these people for years and far left taken hoped. stacy from littleton, colorado i was raped by my coach when i was 15, he was convicted and sentenced to 90 days for the crime. colorado laws ar joke. enjoyed watters world, but if i he see the collar on his polo shirt turned up one more time, i'll go insane. and from texas, jess watters suddenly started to looks more

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